torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2014

Progress on all fronts

Well I didn't manage to finish the next batch of minis before going off for Easter holiday. I've been lagging behind painting schedule now and watching the final season and the first playoff games of NHL hasn't really helped. I guess I have to speed up a bit if I want to have any chance of achieving my goals for April.

Anyways I've been simultaneously working on a HMG team and PIAT team for the red devils and a mortar platoon and an air observation post for the 101st. The red devils are nearly finished with only the last details on the bases needing paint and the miniatures needing a wash on their uniforms. The mortar platoon has only the basics done with the first few layers of the uniform painted along with the ground and scenery. The AOP has just the base colour and a highlight applied with my airbrush at the moment. It needs a bit of masking to paint the recognition stripes before I can continue with it. Though my two thirds of my artillery platoon are still trying to make their way to Finland so there's no hurry with the AOP.

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