lauantai 22. helmikuuta 2014

Challenge progress

I'm getting my painting mojo back as the Olympics are drawing to an end and not much else to watch except for hockey. I got my casualty entry finished and sent of to Curt this morning and now I've been finishing more Union ACW stuff. They are now all painted up and waiting for basing. 66 infantry, 24 cavalry, guns, limbers and some casualties. Probably going to finish them up tomorrow and get them game ready for next Saturday.

I've also been painting more Finns for Winter War with all of the remaining minis having their faces finished and snowsuits with the first few paint layers. After a quiet week with my entries I'm hoping to catch up on my points target next week as I have quite a bit nearing completion at the same time.

It's also looking up to be another Finnish Hockey Proudness moment with the guys leading 5-0 against the USA in the bronze game. Too bad we lost against Sweden in the semi-finals, but they were just so much better as a team. I guess Bronze is fine too and should be a great ending for the careers of the Finnish hockey veterans like Teemu Selänne and Kimmo Timonen.

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  1. The ACW are coming along nicely I look forward to seeing these

    1. Thanks Andrew! Got them sent to Curt last evening so hopefully getting pics up soon