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Painting Challenge Entry 11: Ottoman Special Operations Service

Finally got the Ottoman's finished. Took a lot longer than I expected as they just have ton's of detail and working by painting one colour at a time on all minis didn't really work out as I always noticed that I still need to do something else in that colour on the minis when I had already moved on. And getting carried away watching the Olympics didn't help much either :)

These are really nicely sculpted with a lot of detail and nice touches with varying equipment. I used quite a bit of ink washes on the clothing and backs to speed things up a bit and I think it worked out quite nicely. Nice distraction from the main projects that I have going on.

I'll be posting the Company roster sometime when I have time to finish it up. Loosely based around the Ottoman's from the INHM supplement 'Heroes, Villains & Fiends'.

Leading the company is Colonel Mehmet Pasha. Serving as the Ottoman Military Ambassador in Prussia he saw how effective the Society of Thule and other secret services were in furthering the agendas of their respective governments. After returning to the Sultanate he persuaded the Sultan to let him form a team of Janissaries that were especially trained for special operations. Keeping order in the company is Sergeant Yahya who proved his skills after leading a company in a desperate last stand after all the officers had been killed. He lost his arm in the process, but as thanks for his services he was gifted a mechanical prosthesis crafted by the best engineers in the Ottoman sphere of influence.

Responsible for heavy support in the Company is Corporal Seyit. Famed for his strength this former lumberjack has been known to carry large 240mm gun shells by himself when his weapons ammunition lift broke down during battle. Now he is keeping the enemies of the Ottoman Empire at bay with his grenade launcher. Normally meant for a weapon team of two to three soldiers, Sayit is able to carry the gun into battle by himself freeing the rest of the members for other tasks. Medics in the company don't carry any weapons instead of relying on their surgical knives to deal with any threats on the battlefield as well as with those who have fallen casualty.

The rest of the company are Veteran Janissaries who have survived many battles with the enemies of the Sultan. They have access to the best gear that can be procured and are thus able to outfit themselves for whatever mission needs to be carried out. From automatic rifles to machine guns and and toxic gasses, there is nothing that can stop them from dealing with whatever threatens their beloved Sultan and his Empire.

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