tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014

Ottoman Special Operations Service company list

Finally finished the company list for the Special Operations Service company. It's partly based on the Ottoman company from Heroes, Villains and Fiends, but I wanted to make it better suit the Lead Adventure minis. Some stats taken straight from there while some are slightly changed.

You can download the pdf from here.

On another note I've had some progress in painting and sculpting. My casualty entry is ready sculpting wise and just needs some paint. Nurgle Daemon Prince is also coming along nicely and just needs some finishing touches. I haven't really gotten anything completely painted as I've been doing a few projects at the same time. 6 units of cavalry and 5 artillery batteries with limbers are mostly done and they only need a few details and a wash. I also got started on the rest of my Winter War Finns when I got fed up with 6mm's and now I have two squads and a 5 man ski team from Warlord basecoated and with the first paint layers on their snowsuits.

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