maanantai 24. helmikuuta 2014

Painting Challenge entry 12: Ensign Kennedy

For the casualty themed fortnight challenge I converted and painted Ensign Kennedy of the 1st Royal Scots from Waterloo. Other entries and the voting is up at Curt's blog so go there to see what everyone has come up with for this theme!

After being mortally wounded at Waterloo carrying the King's Colours in front of his Regiment a Sergeant attempted to take the flag from his hands. Refusing to let go off it the sergeant picked him up to carry him back. Impressed by the deed the French stopped firing until the two got safely back to the British lines.

As I already told earlier this was the first bigger conversion that I attempted. The previous ones had only included some filling of gaps after changing arm positions etc. For this one I needed to change the pose of the ensign heavily by mostly redoing the legs and the torso. I also redid the hair to show it hanging down.

Parts are sourced from Victrix British Line infantry box, their artillery box and the Perry British Infantry box. The top part of the flag staff is from Warlord games.The whole setup is mounted on a Warbases casualty base to allow tracking casualties.

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  1. Fabulous stuff Samuli. This one is going to get quite a few votes I reckon!

    1. Thanks Michael! And yeah I'm hoping to get a few steps up from the runner ups I finished on the last fortnight challenge :) Pretty darn tough competition though

  2. Lovely... my favorite entry for this round!