keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

Ottomans and tiny yanks!

Still working on the Ottomans. I've got pretty much everything except for the embroidery, facial hair and wood parts done with at least one colour. Not sure if I'll leave the jackets as they are or still apply a further paint layer. Speed painted them by applying a wash over a basecolour that had been lightly highlighted. Works great on the read and green, but I'm not so sure about the blue.

I also basecoated another batch of 6mm Yanks for our ACW project. The first game is coming up next week and I really need to get these done to complete our OOB. 6 Cavalry regiments and 5 Artillery batteries waiting to get to the battlefield. My painting method should be a bit more refined after the infantry batch so hopefully they won't take too long. Infantry basecoated with the main blue colour, arty and equipment with black and all cavalry and horses with a suitable brown. I'm planning to pick out a few horses with a different colour to bring some variety to the units.

And finally I received some weapons bases from Sarissa to use for the heavy weaponry in our Winter War project. I also revived a long lost British Red Devils project. I was originally going to start Bolt Action with these and painted up a few of them before Napoleonics got in the way. I stripped the old minis of paint and bought a few more blisters to get them up to 1000pts. The miniatures count stays nice and low when all of them are Veteran troops so I might try and get them done during the Challenge. Unless some other fancy strikes me and I get carried away again...

I base all the weapon teams so that the weapon and 1 team member are permanently on the base. This way I can remove the others as the team takes casualties. No need for markers!

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