keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

I'm back

Well I'm finally back from my trip to the Alps. Despite some avalanches disagreeing with our chosen skiing lines everything went really well and now I can get back to painting. Trying to catch up with my University courses and trying to get some work for my company done isn't exactly helping in speeding things up though, but I've managed to get the 1st Royal Scots forward a bit. Quarter done and the rest with the base colors of grey and red painted.

My temporary dinner table workstation in all it's "glory". Living in a small student apartment with my better half leads to some harsher requirements for my hobbies. The paint station is self made to fit into our cabinets. At least it keeps things tidy and forces me to just have a smaller amount of projects going on at one time. 

During my trip I had also finally received my package of Plastic Soldier Company Panthers and sdkfz 251's that had been ordered already in November and couldn't resist putting a couple together. I must say that I love the quality and the detail on the minis. On the downside they are quite slow to build up. They are joining the rest of the waiting armor for my Panzerkompanie. Maybe I'll get them done after the next british battalion.

torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013


Well I finally got to painting my entry fee for the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge. A pretty generic Perry samurai painted using Vallejo acrylics and different GW colored washes to do the armor on him.

I actually painted him to get something to send to the challenge before my snowboarding trip to the Austrian Alps. So for the next 3 weeks it's only powder and sun for me and no painting!

torstai 3. tammikuuta 2013

10e régiment de cuirassiers

Couldn't resist buying a box of Perry French heavy cavalry to paint. The models are just fabulous and some change from painting all the british miniatures was also welcome. I picked the 10th Regiment as it fought in the same area of Waterloo as my 5th Division project and it also happens to have the nicest uniform of all the Cuirassier units (and pink also happens to be the color of my student overalls)

I undercoated the models with an airbrush using a combination of black, grey and white to do some pre shading before painting the horses up using different shades of brown and grey. I think the end result looks nice enough even though I probably should have done it with a higher contrast. 

Helps speed up the painting process too as no highlights are really required for the horses and even the riders can be completed with only one layer in most places as the undercoat shines through. Finished the whole thing up with an oil wash applied at some strategic places.

The bases have some additional casualties and abandoned gear from both my bitz box and the Perry heavy cavalry box to show them charging through the battlefield. Some unfortunate chaps from the 1st Royals and some unidentified French regiment are left to be trampled.