torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2015

Total War: Warhammer

It's getting closer! One of my all time favorite game series, Total War, makes it's first foray into fantasy and with no lesser setting than Warhammer!

Even though I haven't really done anything Warhammer related for a long time, I still love the setting and do occasionally buy some kits even if just to kitbash and build. This game definately won't help in diminishing my interest at all. Might have to dig up my Chaos hordes once again. Oh boy...

lauantai 18. huhtikuuta 2015

Aaaaargh Zombies!!!

Not much painting done in the last few weeks with long working hours and other more "important" activities taking the little free time I've had.

However things have taken a turn for the worse with the arrival of Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter and helluva lot of Zombie related goodies! Plenty of new scenarios to play through and a ton of new Zombie types to battle against! So there's one more thing competing from my slightly limited free time :)

Finland was understandably in the lower priority list when sending out stuff so seeing peoples posts from the last month or so about their stuff was annoying to say the least. However all is well with the arrival of my package late last evening. In addition to the huge load of stuff that everyone gets I did decide to order some extras that aren't that easy to get hold of here in Finland like the Zombie Dogs and Dog Companions.

After having gone through the pile I had to get a game in so we picked one of the shorter scenarios from Rue Morgue with the lady of the house and got ready to smash in some heads. These new Skinner zombies are a nice addition with multikilling weapons potentially only cutting up a zombie who just continues it's existance as a crawler. The scenario was a bit too easy for a Medium difficulty one, but still it was probably for the best as it was already quite late and quick completion meant more sleep to be had :)

On the painting front I now have 5 battalions done out of the 13 that I'm painting for our Russian campaign. They are still missing flags and basing so not much to show. I need to speed up a bit with the last 8 as there's only 5 weeks left to paint them. I've now squeezed down the painting time for one battalion to roughly 8-9 hours so a single battalion doesn't take long. It's just that finding more than an hour of painting time per day has been difficult to say the least.

torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2015

Painting progress on the Russia 1812 campaign

I've been a bit quiet here on the blog in the last week or so. Still it doesn't mean that there hasn't been anything hobby related going on. I've played a few games with my EW Germans losing both, but learning quite a few valuable lessons. I've also managed to get started with the French 9th Division for our Russian campaign. I need to have everything painted up in the end of May with the first battle of Polotsk being played then, so 2 months time to finish 13 battalions.

I've got the 3rd Provincional Croatian Regiment all painted up, but still missing basing and their flags. Pictured here is the 2nd battalion all done and glued on their bases.

I'm leaving for our summer cottage for easter holidays and after some negotiation I managed to sneak in some painting equipment as well. I've prepped up the 4th Swiss Regiment that was in the same brigade with the Croats. So 3 battalions of Swiss and the brigade commander with his aide. These are slightly smaller with only 18 men per battalion instead of the 24 that I had on the Croats. We only use 18 in our 15mm games, but in my opinion 24 look better when in march column so I have an extra base for that. After the Croats I decided to be smart and only paint the extra base when all the 13 battalions are finished.

During prep I also learned a valuable lesson in airbrushing again. Check what's behind even if it's not directly in the line of paint. With the brush sometimes pointing somewhere else than the table there can be some misplaced spray. This time my paintbrush rack was conveniently close. Luckily it was only the bottom parts of the brushes that got some overspray. At least now I will instantly recognize my brushes if I ever go to the club to paint something :)

But with that I wish everyone a Happy Easter! Even for a godless heathen like me it does give a much needed break from work with the few extra free days that we have here. So no rest for my brush arm as there's plenty of time for painting :)