torstai 3. lokakuuta 2013

Last days of the Winter War Kickstarter

The Winter War Kickstarter is nearing the end and it's going to be pretty epic by the looks of it. At the moment for every 1 pound invested you get about 4 pounds worth of miniatures as all the unlocks until 40,000 pounds have been free for anyone investing in a platoon. So if you are not taking part in it yet jump in now! There's only a few days left. Next unlocks are trucks for both armies and an Aerosan for the Ruskies.

tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

Painting progress

Well there's finally been some painting progress with a battalion of 15mm prussians, 8 Saxon/Viking warriors for Saga. Also painted up a platoon of 101st for Flames of War, but they are still missing a bit of paint on the weapons and all the flags and insignia from their sleeves. And finally I've painted up 2 bases of brits to get closer to finishing my British part for Waterloo. Pictures are quite crappy due to having to use my mobile phone as a camera. Moving to a new apartment in around two weeks so maybe I can finally set up a more permanent painting spot and figure out something for photos too!