sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2016

Salute pics

Finally had the time to go through all the pictures I'd taken during our trip to London and Nottingham. Two 8Gb memory cards full was quite a task, but at least it's finally done :) Major cause for the amount of pictures was Warhammer World, but I did shoot a few at Salute as well ;) To be honest there would have been far more pictures if I hadn't forgotten to reload the battery of my DSLR before Salute, which lead to me having to be a bit more careful when to take pics and to remember shutting the camera down immediately after pictures were taken.

All in all it was a great show, with plenty of cool things on offer. Some tables I'd seen in wargames magazines over the years and some I'd followed through various blogs during the build phase before Salute. However it was sometimes a bit business like compared to the other wargames shows that I'd visited. Plus the amount of games that were just purely played through without any real interraction with the crowd was bit of a surprise. Still great fun through the day and I'm quite sure that I will visit Salute in the future as well!

I had a quick meet up with some other bloggers at the Annual bloggers meetup. Nice to see the people behind the blogs that I've been following in the last few years. Too bad I had to leave quite soon as the missus arrived earlier than expected and I had to keep her company for the rest of the show.

Blogger meet-up. I'm hiding behind Ray. Pic stolen shamelessly from Tamsin's blog

Lots of great looking games on show and trying to go through them all really was quite a task. Funnily enough my top three tables were next to each other and easy to view. First up a Peninsular War table which I think won the Best Demonstration game award.

My personal favorite from the whole show was a 7 Years War game with masses of beautifully painted miniatures and an amazing looking city at one end of the table.

The last of the three was a Winter War game with Finnish troops defending against a Russian assault coming over an icy lake. The terrain was amazing and there were some nice additions with tanks sinking through ice as well. Historically maybe a bit fantasical, but still a great looking game.

A great looking scratch built village on a table run by a few very charming older gentlemen. All the terrain was scratch built from various items. Plenty of model railway and doll house items, but there were some pretty ingenious material solutions like decorative roses meant for a dress being painted up as cabbages.

Dalauppor was running a Viking themed game with some great looking minis and ships. All of the ships were scratch built and the town with a half finished ship was a really nice addition.

Hawk had a great stand with plenty of eye candy including a true scale troop carrier ship and a 5-up version of a Dropfleet Commander Battleship. Having backed their recent Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter it was really great to see some painted examples of the models. I didn't get any Shaltari miniatures from the KS, but now seeing them live I'm really starting to regret that a bit. They look far better than from the pics that they had on show during the challenge.


A great looking Mad Max game with vehicles converted from toy cars. They had suitable clothing for participants as well!

4Ground had an amazing stand with plenty of great looking tables demonstrating their different product lines.

The painting competition had plenty of amazing entries on show. Some very nice conversions and quite a few great looking larger scale minis and busts as well.

Perry showing new and future projects

Probably the cutest game on show and my better halves favorite was Minion Racing with the table surrounded by enthuastic kids vying for victory!

And finally a bunch of general pics from around the show of some cool tables and miniatures.