keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2014

Crisis calling!

Well Crisis is looming on the horizon and that means I'll be packing my bags and entering radio silence for a while now as I'm already travelling to Belgium early tomorrow morning (or night actually) and coming back sometime next week. The better half has planned the rest of the trip after I was given Saturday to myself, so it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for me.

Half empty luggage is eagerly awaiting for goodies from the show. I've got some stuff lined up that I want to buy especially from Plastic Soldier Company, Warlord Games and Micro Art Studios. There's also the superb Northumbrian Miniatures Nightfolk that I've been wanting to paint up. They also stock 75mm figures and 120mm Busts so I might indulge on those if some nice subjects like Vikings or Napoleonics show up. And then there is the second hand area too... I already have a feeling that I'm going to go over the weight limit on the way back. Still the missus has graciously agreed to put something in her luggage too to split the weight.

Games wise I'm looking forward to seeing what Burkhard of DHC Wargames fame and his mates have set up as well as the Keren table from Newark Irregulars that has graced other events in the past. I might also try to get in a game of Infinity V3 now that I've finally received my Operation Icestorm box. Looking at the list there seems to be just too darn much to see and do for one day so I have a feeling I will be very busy there.

Painting wise I've started on my Bolt Action Sturmpionier force. Command team and the first squad are on the way as is the crew for their Hanomag that I've had painted for over a month now, but just waiting for the crew. I've been experimenting with painting the Feldgrau and trying to find a good and fast way to paint them up. I was first thinking of painting them Feldgrau and highlighting with Green Gray followed by a wash, but that was maybe a bit too stark of a contrast. I'm leaning towards Fieldgray followed by a black wash and then highlighted with fieldgray and a mix of fieldgray and green gray. Maybe not so striking from a distance, but looks better when looked from a closer distance.

The Napoleonics are also still waiting for basing. Maybe tonight after I've got my bags packed. No games in the near future really does kill the motivation for finalizing these.

Sorry for the bad photo, but it seems to be the best my fancy work Nokia is capable of today... Far gone are the days of glory for Finnish mobile making. I'm just hoping my company would make a switch to Androids or iPhones instead of sticking with Nokia Lumia...

4 kommenttia:

  1. Sounds like a cool trip, looking forward to hearing all about it, and seeing lots of loot pictures! :-)

    1. Thanks Paul! Though I might have to censor some of the loot from the pics or somebody might think I have some sort of a problem :D

  2. Have a great show and I look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

    1. Thanks Michael! I hope I'll get some decent pics from the trip