lauantai 7. tammikuuta 2017

State of the paint desk

Well it's been quite a busy 2017 until now. We had friends over on New Years eve and the aftermath had a considerable impact on my painting efficiency on the next day. Somehow finding a good painting mojo seems a lot more difficult when your head feels like someone is banging at it with a hammer :) My holiday is also over and work has been busy with slightly longer hours trying to catch up on tasks left undone over the holiday period.

I was trying to finish an Orc Blood Bowl team in time for my thursday slot at the painting challenge, but it was not to be. There was just so much detail and loads of hard to reach places with the snap-fit minis that picking everything out and cleaning mistakes where my brush had touched something that was already finished that I wasn't able to get them done. They are nearly done now, I just need to do highlights on the armour pieces and paint logos on them. I decided to give up late on thursday and instead started on my entry for the Armour. I have just managed to get that one done in time and it should go up with the rest sometime tomorrow.

With this done it's time for bed. We have another Over the Hills game tomorrow to test out the rules further. And after that it's a little over a week until we get the keys to our new apartment and can start renovations. Should be a busy month ahead of me. Unfortunately I will mostly be painting walls and not miniatures then, but with the new place I have dedicated hobby room and enough space for a gaming table as well!

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