maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

Painting Challenge entry 16: 46th Line Infantry at Waterloo

The final fortnight challenge is now done and the rest of the entries and voting can be found on Curt's blog as usual so go a head and check what everyone has achieved!

With the Last Stand theme a few famous examples, like Little Bighorn and General Gordon's death in Sudan, immediately came to mind. However I decided to stretch the definition a little bit and paint up a French column taking casualties while charging the British. Waterloo in a way was the last stand for Napoleon and his Empire. Had he won there he would have had a chance to rebuild his empire, but as history shows us bad weather and the timely arrival of Prussians managed to turn the tide against Napoleon.

The minis are mostly Perry metals with a few of their plastics thrown in. The colonel encouraging his soldiers forward is from Warlord as is the eagle for the flag. Excellent flag is once again from GMB designs as usual with my Napoleonic stuff. I used quite a bit more washes with these again like with most of the other mass armies. Works quite nicely and certainly cuts the painting time down. I managed to do these in roughly a week of working a bit every evening. And adding mud helps take the eye away from the lack of highlights :)

After this one final entry left for the challenge. Nearly finished with them as both minis are only missing basing. After that a quick painting break and preparing for some new projects.

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