sunnuntai 23. maaliskuuta 2014

Airborne April

With the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge done I need to figure out I thought I need to line up some suitable target for my painting to get projects done.

Therefore I'm declaring next month to be Airborne April! Two scales, two nations, one war. Let's see if I'm able to focus on just these for one month as I usually have issues with focusing on one project for even a week :) But at least I have two scales and two different armies to variate between when I get bored with something.

Red Devils in 28mm for Bolt Action
I bought the Red Devils box originally when Bolt Action came out as a way to get into the game, but it never really got further than a few test minis as nobody played Bolt Action at the club. Now the Winter War kickstarter has changed that so it seemed like the perfect chance to get this project going forward again. I have roughly 1000pts of minis lined up for this project from Warlord and Artizan designs.

  • HQ team
  • Medic team
  • Forward observers
  • 2 Airborne squads
  • 6pdr anti-tank gun
  • 2-inch mortar team
  • 3-inch mortar team
  • Flamethrower team
  • PIAT team
  • Sniper team
  • 2 Recon jeeps

I'm going for a city ruins basing style with these to have some change from the normal bases that I do. Mostly based and ready for paint. The weapon teams still need some work, but most of the infantry is pretty much ready to go. The pic is missing a few minis that need to have paint stripped and one rifle squad that has been trying to find its way in the mail for over a month now.

101st Airborne in 15mm for Flames of War
The other airborne project are the support sections for my 101st Airborne to finally finish them and allow me to stop playing with just undercoated minis :) If I have time I'm probably going to try to paint a few extra rifle platoons too to allow me to field the force as a full infantry company without the armor attachments that I'm now using.

  • Mortar platoon
  • 57mm Antitank platoon
  • Jeep recon platoon
  • Glider Field Artillery battery
  • AOP post
  • Company HQ
  • Rifle platoon 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Good to see you're moving on. It's the only way to successfully deal with PPCLDS (Post Painting Challenge Let Down Syndrome).

    1. Yeah, life seems so empty now that chasing the points target is over :(

  2. I'm looking forward to see your paratroopers. Maybe it gives me the needed impetus to go on with mine.

    1. Thank you! It will be pretty hard to top your Red Devils though. Those buggers are some pretty darn inspiring minis