keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2016

Epic Salamander Terminators

Some more reinforcements for the Epic Salamanders army that I started during the challenge. This time the heavy hitters with two squads of Terminators and Land Raider transports for one of them. They were supposed to be a quick project to get myself back into gear after the challenge. Paintjob wise I got them finished over two evenings in late April, but somehow I never got around to basing them before a little over a week ago.

The Land Raiders are old plastic GW models, while the metal terminators are proxies by Defeat in Detail and are from the Novan line. Very nice models with plenty of detail to pick out if someone is actually up to the task of things like painting the eye slits with differents colours etc :)

I'm really starting to get back in the groove and last month saw me paint a Frostgrave warband as well as quite a few monsters to roam the tables. I finally got around to taking pictures of them as well, so stay tuned for updates!

I have 7 weeks of holiday to spend this year with quite a lot of it held over the summer, that should free up quite a lot of long overdue painting time as well. A few projects lined up, and with a story driven casual 40k campaign starting at the club I'm really being tempted by GW's plastic crack once again. I already succumbed to an impulse eBay buy, and acquired an Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer. Great little book, and I finally have it again after selling my previous copy some ten years ago when I quit gaming for a while and sold my IG army away.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Fabulous! Looks like it is going to be a fun filled summer for you.

  2. Excellent! The LR's are fab and the Terminators themselves are not bad either. I think those proxies fit the bill nicely. All that Epic stuff of late really makes me wanna give it a go too! Too bad the 'reworked' versi GW is coming up with will be 8 mm :-/

    1. Yeah it's a shame they decided to change scale. Still 6mm and 8mm are close enough that I'd expect that it won't look too bad with different scales pitted against each other. And at least the rumours were saying that it's going to be more about Titans again like the original Titanicus. I'm more interested in large tank battles etc. so older Epic it is :)

      The proxies really are very nice. I almost feel bad for not putting more effort into them :) But then again they are tiny and mostly won't be viewed from under 1 meter away anyway so fast and dirty it is.