perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2014

Challenge progress

Painting is progressing, albeit quite slowly as I have to work on my Master's thesis to finally get out of UNI. I also only just realized that the next fortnight challenge is ending on this sunday and not next week so I had to jump another project in front of the ACW stuff. I won't have time to paint a Demon Prince as the Villain so I went for something that might be even better.

Here we have an Investigator mini from Lead Adventure with a certain familiar pet. Quickly did the skin and the mini Chtulhu (or Rare Bolivian Flying Toad as the character keeps claiming to everyone) as I have friends coming over today for beers and hockey and tomorrow being booked for playing Zombicide. I think I'll just paint a black pinstriped suit so that shouldn't take too much time tomorrow to finish him up.

ACW isn't completely forgotten either. The guys are only missing the metal parts for their rifles and some beards and then they are ready for basing, all 140 of them. The next batch will probably be slightly smaller to make them a better "snack" in between other projects. Pretty hard to take a decent picture of them with only my cellphone as I'm too lazy to get the DSLR for just 1-2 shots.

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