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Muskets and Tomahawks test game

Some members of my gaming club were playing a Last of the Mohicans campaign game yesterday using the Muskets and Tomahawks ruleset. I went to join in on the fun and to try the rules for the first time. The rules seemed quite simple to learn and they were fast to play, so a great evening game. I especially liked the card activation system that the game uses as this brings some additional suspense to the turn sequence. I think this could be a really nice 'Beer & Pretzels' game to start. Maybe in the future when I've managed to clear my table at least a tiny bit... Anyway thanks to Teemu and Mikko for setting this up!

Sorry for the image quality. I only had my cellphone with me so not too much eye candy here :)

The game itself focused on the British escorting the Munro sisters through a wooded path. Little did they know that the French were waiting with their Indian allies intent on taking them prisoner.

 The Brits advance cautiously along the path while their Woodsmen scout the other flank.

The trap is sprung with Indians and French irregulars streaming from the forests. Things look good for the British as their first volley immediately drives an Indian warband away from the area. However the French return fire and send one of the British units fleeing.

 While the British infantry ties down the enemy, the officer driving their cart (borrowed from some local Persian re-enactors) makes a dash for safety only to run into another hidden Indian unit. The Indians promptly assault the cart managing to drag one of the girls away.

The cart gets stuck in a muddy part on the road while trying to get away from the attacking Indians.

 Magua shows his true colors by attacking Major Heyward who was waiting for his help to release the captured girl. After a quick struggle Heyward is captured as well.

 The French move in to support a group of Indians attacking the cart while it's still stuck in the mud.

"Au revoir!"
Against all odds the last Munro girl and her guarding officer beat back the Indian assault to dash away towards safety.

Chingachgook and friends arrive and dash to help the British, but are  they too late?

Meanwhile Magua and his friends make off with Major Heyward and one of the Munro girls.

The carts escape was cut short just inches from safety by some lucky shots from and Indian warband who decided that dead girls are better than escaped girls.

French along with their Indian allies quickly mop up the remaining British and move out before Chingachgook can come to meddle with their plans.

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