torstai 23. tammikuuta 2014

Winter War gaming table

Yesterday we got started on the table for our clubs Winter War project. Ended up going for a 'Motti' theme with a road going across the table and wooded hills surrounding it. Should make for a more interesting display and demo piece than a trench area. It's still made from 120x60cm pieces though so the setup can be quite easily changed and additional pieces can bring variety. There's also some room for adding buildings and other extras to spice up the terrain for normal gaming.

The first project day saw us create all the basic shapes of the terrain and gluing all the pieces in place. Looks a bit crude, but everything is going to get covered with filler to make the terrain flow smoother and to cover any gaps.

Basic shape of the center road section with ditches. There are two points for smaller roads to diverge to the sides

 Blood was spilled during our Winter War too

'Strawberry yoghurt' being applied

Adding a small depression on the ground to add a bit of variety onto the otherwise large empty surface

 The most important terrain making tool of all time

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