torstai 9. tammikuuta 2014

Painting Challenge entry 5: 6mm ACW Union Brigade

Up next my first contribution to our clubs Gettysburg project. A brigade of Union infantry with skirmishers and a few command stands to go with them. As I mentioned earlier this is my first foray into 6mm minis so still some learning left. Anyhow they are a pleasure to paint and it's really nice to see that a few evenings effort yields this many finished minis.

I basecoated them with my airbrush using the indigo color that would be the main uniform color. Then just quick block painting followed by a wash to bring out the details. For the next batch I'll have to add a basecoat under the indigo as I had some trouble with the paint coming of from some of the guys when I accidentally touched them before applying varnish. Not sure if I had some grease from my hands or the moulds on the minis or if it's just that Vallejo paint that are causing the issue. I've previously just primed them straight with a normal color without issues, but it might be the paint as some Vallejo blues have some coverage issues.

I really need to practice my photography with these guys too. It's really darn hard to get a decent shot when they are just so tiny. And the dark Union colors don't exactly help either. It's a bit hard to make out any detail on the black webbing when the whole jacket is already so dark.

Next up some Finns in snow suits. I've got a squad pretty much finished except for the guns and some mittens so hopefully I'll get them done soon. Lot of work to finish up today so that'll unfortunately take all my painting time away

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