maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Painting Challenge Entry 1: Flames of War Objective Marker

Just finished my first entry for Curt's Painting Challenge. It's an objective marker for Flames of War. It's also my entry for the first fortnight challenge with the non-combatant theme. I was trying to capture the first place for a short time by getting the bonus points for the fortnight challenge, but hadn't noticed that all the bonus entries are grouped in the same post when the fortnight challenge ends. Well it was a nice mini and diorama to start the challenge with.

The resin base with the jeep is from Kerr & King and the dogs with their owner are from Peter Pig. I really like the Kerr & King bases and markers as they have nice character and are also nicely priced. Not too happy with the Peter Pig civilian as it's lacking in detail, but I had it in my bits box and it suited my idea for a mini dio.

It was quite quick to paint with my airbrush used for the ground, jeep and the wall. Army Painter inks used to shade the minis and then drybrushing and edge highlighting to bring out detail.

Next up Norse Gaels for Saga.

3 kommenttia:

  1. A good start, I will be watching for the Norse Gaels

  2. That's a lovely vignette sir. Very nice indeed.

  3. Thanks! Another minisize vignette coming later in the challenge