tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013

Painting Challenge entry 3: US Airborne Rifle Platoon

Next entry into the painting challenge is a US Airborne Rifle Platoon for FoW. All of the minis are Battlefront and the resin bases Kerr & King. A few normal bases with Peter Pig scenery in the group too.

After finding out that Kerr & King has some FoW bases with dead cows and other random battlefield debris I just had to get them. Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite films so of course the cows had to make an appearance. The bases are quite nice, but there are quite a bit of holes from air bubbles. Nothing too hard to clean, but still a bit of extra effort required. Battlefront's minis are nice for 15mm's again with good varied poses. The only gripe I really have with them are the faces which are sometimes lacking in detail compared to their plastics and some of their other metals.

For the metal parts I decided to use normal paint instead of metallics to test if it looks any better than the shiny finish of metallics. Mixed a couple of greys and blues to get a good shade and I think it turned out quite nice. These are also the first paras where I decided to paint the 101st insignia and the American flag. Looks quite nice at least from a distance.

I still have a platoon of these guys left and a mortar and machine gun section, but I think I'll hold back on them for a while or paint them in smaller groups. Painting the same damn thing on 44 tiny guys at once did get on my nerves at times.

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